Sunday, August 9, 2009

Help Re-Elect Tony Peraica to the Cook County Board

The residents of the 16th District of Cook County are lucky to have Tony Peraica representing them on the Cook County Board of Commissioners. As a commissioner, Peraica has persistently stood up for tax reform and the rights his constituents, fighting the big-tax Machine politicians. If YOU live in the 16th District, please help Tony Peraica to start passing petitions to allow him to run in the Republican primary. You can download the signature petition (PDF), run off a few, and start getting signatures. It's that easy. (Don't forget to read the simple rules for passing out petitions!) For more information, visit Tony Peraica's web site, Reform Cook County. If you've never gathered petitions signatures before, I'll tell you that it's an enjoyable experience. You meet people, get into interesting discussions, network, and get a little excercise and fresh air. Hint: Stand near a busy coffee shop or diner, just outside of a CTA train station, or other busy places. You don't have to knock on doors to do this. Here are links to three video interviews with Tony Peraica, which I had the pleasure of making in his law offices in late May, 2009. Enjoy. Conversation with Tony Peraica, Part 1 of 6 Conversation With Tony Peraica Part 2 of 6 Conversation With Tony Peraica Part 3 of 6 Cross-posted to Red County Chicago News Bench RSS Feed We're on Twitter...