Monday, December 8, 2008

Stephen Harper's Facebook Message

The Bench front page... In light of last week's effective coup in Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's message on his Facebook page from Tuesday, December 2 seems rather hypcritical. Or misguided. Or something. You judge. Full text below, or just jump to Harper's page. Two months ago Canadians voted in a general election. They made a clear choice. Stephen Harper was given a strengthened governing mandate to address the global economic crisis. Canadians did not give St├ęphane Dion a mandate to lead Canada. He was personally rejected by voters just as he was subsequently personally rejected by his party. Nor did Canadians give the Liberals a mandate to form a coalition with the NDP. In fact, the Liberals explicitly promised there would be no coalition with the NDP. And they certainly did not give either the Liberals or the NDP a mandate to govern with the Separatists, the very people who want to destroy Canada. Yet, yesterday, in a shocking display of undemocratic arrogance, a socialist-separatist driven coalition announced that they will try to overturn the results of the election and seize power without first going back to the voters. The new socialist-separatist driven coalition is an attack on Canada’s democracy as the proposed leader of this unelected, illegitimate, coalition remains St├ęphane Dion, whom Canadians would still reject as Prime Minister were another election held today. The new socialist-separatist coalition is an attack on Canada’s economy – as it would empower NDP – whose discredited left-wing ideology is so risky that even the Liberals call it “economically damaging”. And the new socialist-separatist driven coalition is an attack on Canada itself. For no responsible national leader would ever give power to a group that wants to destroy one of the most peaceful and prosperous nations ever to have existed. It is time for Canadians to stand up against backroom deals that would usurp the elected government without the people’s consent. It is time for Canadians to stand up against coalitions with discredited socialists that would put our economy at risk. It is time for Canadians stand up against alliances that would provide a veto to the separatists who would destroy our country. It’s time to Stand up for Canada. It’s time to Let the people speak.