Thursday, November 13, 2008


CHICAGO - Obama will officially leave the US Senate this coming Sunday, Nov. 16. Obama needs time, you see, to get ready for his new job - even though he told us before the election that he'd be ready "on day one." He just couldn't wait another week. If he had waited until, say, Nov. 23, he would have been able to get involved with next week's big Senate session to deal with the current economic crisis. But no, Obama is too busy for that stuff. He's getting ready for Day One, even though he promised us he was already ready for Day One. But here's the really fun part: In Chicago, the local Democrat Machine (of which Obama is/was a part) will now go into fits of hyperventilation as jerk after jerk jockeys for a good position from which to thrust himself/herself into Obama's vacated Senate seat. (More at Reuters...)