Is 'Green Monday' Your Last Day For Online Shopping? Maybe.

The Internet changed things forever, including how we shop. Many Americans now prefer to shop online instead of driving to "brick and mortar" stores. Just like those physical retailers, online sellers of goods and services also have sales. You're probably familiar with Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales online, but lesser known is "Green Monday." If you're a last-minute Christmas shopper, listen up.

Photo: AP/Mark Humphrey
According to Business Insider, Green Monday is "the day when shoppers wake up and realize that if they're going to order a gift for someone online, they'd better get on it." Ebay coined the term "Green Monday" more than a decade ago "after it noticed an uptick in orders on a particular day. It traditionally falls on the second Monday in December, the last day with at least 10 days left to order before Christmas. This year, it's December 11. Think of it like Super Saturday for online shoppers who wait until the last minute."

Granted, Green Monday is not as well known as other big sales days. And that's a large reason why it may not exist long beyond 2017. "With the two-day shipping guarantee that comes with an Amazon Prime membership," reports BI, "and Walmart's two-day shipping offering with any $35 purchase, there may not be a compelling reason for last-minute shoppers to click check-out on Monday."

Of course, many of us wait until there is little time left before finishing our Christmas shopping. And if you think about it, that alone is reason enough for Green Monday to live on and prosper.