Friday, October 7, 2011

Video - Herman Cain Assaulted By Tea Party Mob

Video Below - Here's Herman Cain was assaulted after standing up to hundreds of yelling conservatives and Tea Party members on Saturday, Feb. 19, 2011 on the steps of the state capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin. Cain, a dark African-American Black Man, is running for the Republican Party's nomination to be their presidential candidate in 2012. This often forces Cain to brave mostly-white mobs of Tea Party members. The rabid conservatives drowned out some of Cain's words as they loudly clapped and cheered for him repeatedly. After he finished his speech, Cain managed to get away from the evil white Tea Party patriots without injury, although many of the Tea Party people assaulted him by slapping his shoulders and patting his back as he walked through the crowd. Even more of the crazed reactionaries assaulted Cain by grabbing his right hand and repeatedly shaking it, uttering words of praise and admiration for him. "He was just damned lucky to get out here alive," said an anti-Tea Party woman standing across the street. "Me and a few of my union brothers were ready to kick the hell out of that Cain douchebag, but those damned fascist tea baggers got in our damned way."