Thursday, February 10, 2011

Special City Election Coverage by Windy Citizen and Chicago News Cooperative

Wondering who to vote for in Chicago's upcoming mayoral election on February 22? It can be confusing, trying to decide which corrupt, politically entrenched, lying Democrat to vote for. We sympathize, Comrade, we really do, and to add to the confusion there are 50 aldermanic races to be decided on the same day. Well, to help you, we're happy to oblige a request from good friends at Windy Citizen to let you know about a very nice series of reports that they're doing with the pros at Chicago News Cooperative. To quote from Windy Citizen: This month, a series of experts from the Chicago News Cooperative (CNC) will come to Windy Citizen one night each week before the Feb. 22 municipal election to take your questions on a wide range of topics that are on the minds of voters as they head to the polls: Now then, who says journalism is dead? (Len, you owe me a beer.)