Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tea Party Starfish, Republican Spider

The video below offers a brilliantly simple insight into the organizational structure (or lack of one, really) of the Tea Party movement. Like the starfish, the Tea Party movement has tremendous powers of regeneration. The video is a little lesson in current events, politics and biology all wrapped up in a 2:35 video. Hat tip to The Atlantic Wire. Those who speak of the Tea Party movement as though it is a single political party are completely wrong. Chicago News Bench and many, many other bloggers have been saying this for over two years. It is that lack of understanding by many people, I think, mostly on the Left, that is at the root of the misinterpretation of the Tea Party movement. Many in the Republican Party have trouble understanding this simple fact, too. We, the Tea Party movement, have no central authority. There is nobody calling the shots or giving orders. There are no required membership cards. Everyone in the movement understands this. Indeed, we like it that way. Tea Party groups on the local level send out invitations to join a rally or some other event. But, unlike the Democrats and Republicans, they have no precinct captains to issue marching orders. It's why a Tea Party rally is truly grassroots. Compare that, say, to an event by Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) or many other Democrats. There union patrons, such as the SEIU, order members to show up. Some are actually paid to attend rallies. The next time you hear a Democrat or a liberal talk about "the Tea Party," ask them which of the hundreds of groups they are referring to. No two are exactly alike. All share a core of national and international issues about which they are concerned, but there is occassional disagreeement. Each group also gets involved with issues of interest only to their city, county and/or state, as well. There are leaders, but they are local or regional. You don't like the local Tea Party group? Start your own. Democrats and liberals who speak of "the Tea Party leaders" simply don't know what they are talking about. But then, you already knew that. RELATED: The Tea Party movement's Chicago roots and beyond Marathon Pundit