Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Blog Fundraiser Offers Rewards, You Betcha

UPDATED: Help! This is an urgent personal plea: I need $2,000 USD immediately to keep this blog going. I am seeking work, but need the cash pronto or we have to lay off all 619 Chicago News Bench employees. That means their children will starve to death, and you don't want that on your conscience. You don't have to give me the entire $2,000, of course, just a five or ten dollar contribution will get us closer to our goal. I'm trying to raise that amount, so anything you can spare will help. Unlike, say, The Urban Coaster or NHRP, Chicago News Bench does not misrepresent itself as a legal corporation. Why not? Because (a) we're honest and (b) like The Urban Coaster, we don't pretend to be a corportion. Like the ever-begging NPR and PBS, we're willing to give something away to encourage your donations: - For any donation of $50 - $99, I'll give you an ad on this blog for 30 days. - For any donation of $100 - $499, I'll give you you an ad on this blog for 60 days. - For any donation of $500 or more, I'll give you you an ad on this blog for 180 days. - For the first donation of $100,000 or more, I'll give you the keys to this blog 10 days after this offer expires on Saturday, June 12, 2010. (Yes, I'm serious.) You must agree, however, to honor any other donors who fall into the other donation levels as listed above. Ads can include graphics, which I can help you with. Ad size for all donation levels is 468x60 pixels; your ad will be positioned near the top of the blog. (See conditions below*) Click here to donate safely via PayPal: I can repay you in advertising space here (see offer above) or with services (writing, editing, office administration, consulting, many other possibilites). Let's talk. Reply via comment with your contact info to this post, which will NOT be published and will be kept confidential. There, I feel better now that I've asked and, no, I'm not ashamed to ask for financial help. Politicians, PBS and NPR and unions do it all the time, right? * Conditions on this offer include the following: The ad/s you run here be for something that is in compliance with Illinois and U.S. laws; graphics cannot feature frontal nudity or the depiction of violence or sexual activity. Donations must be in U.S. currency (USD).