Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Have a Gringo-less Cinco de Mayo, Amigos

Happy Cinco de Mayo, a day for binge drinking and throwing up in the gutter. This year, boycott this ridiculous, un-American holiday by not going to any Mexican-themed bars or restaurants. It's not a racist thing that I'm asking you to do. Rather, it's political. Last time I checked, "Mexican" was a nationality, not a race.

The Mexican Government is urging Arizona to repeal its tough new immigration law, which is essentially a repeat of existing U.S. federal statutes. While the Mexican Government urges millions of it undesirables to pour across our border, we're supposed to go out on May 5th and "celebrate" one of their national holidays? I don't think so. Grab a bag of chips and some bean dip, a 12-pack of American beer, and have a party at home. Let's send a message, Gringos.