Thursday, May 6, 2010

After 9 Hours, Man Surrenders To Police in Portsmouth NH Bus Bomb Scare

UPDATE, 8:30 PM EDT - Portsmouth, NH - (AP) A nine-hour bomb scare aboard a Maine-to-New York Greyhound bus ended peacefully Thursday night when the lone remaining passenger walked off it with his hands over his head. The other 16 passengers and the driver had left the bus safely hours earlier.  No details about the passenger were immediately released, and the bus remained parked in downtown Portsmouth with a bomb squad on the scene. "He is in custody," police Capt. Mike Schwartz said. "No one is injured."  More from Associated Press... 

8:20 PM EDT - More than eight hours after police received a 911 call about a possible explosive device on a Greyhound bus, they remain in a standoff with the last remaining passenger.... Police will not say who the remaining passenger is, or why he remains on the bus. He has been identified as a man wearing camouflage pants.... No law enforcement personnel have been on the bus. Source: The Union Leader newspaper.