Saturday, February 28, 2009 Tea Party Photos and More

Big thanks to Bruce Donnelly, who sent a very interesting email to me today: I thought this might interest you. Photos and other event links: I'm also building up a Surge:Illinois reference page and similar ones for every state. Suggestions are welcome. The idea is to make it easier for conservative individuals to find information about what their peers and elected officials are saying and doing. In short, help to empower those who are frustrated to get involved and do something on whatever issues matter to them. In particular, the idea is to focus on what good things can be done at the state and local level, even if the national leadership isn't paying attention (yet). For example, try the various custom search tools found on the site, such as Unlike blogs and campaign or party sites or PACs and other groups, this isn't about me, or about fundraising. It's about providing online tools for individual conservatives so that the focus can shift to a better organized base, rather than to the will of the leadership (which is the liberal model). It took Reagan from 1964 to 1980 to take our country back for conservatives. We don't have that sort of time available now. We have to move fast, because this liberal insurgency is exploding more bombs in our path every day as they take us down the road to serfdom as fast as they can. Best regards, Bruce Donnelly (based in the far NW Chicago suburbs) Bio - I served in the State Department under Reagan Chicago News Bench Merchandise Chicago News Bench RSS Feed