Monday, January 5, 2009

Updated: US Senate Rejects Burris

Even as he travels to Washington to claim his gifted senate seat, Roland Burris has been formally rejected. Burris, who says "the Lord" chose him to fill the seat vacated by Barack Obama, has bad papers. See, Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White rejected Burris by not signing off on the necessary documents. The secretary of the senate and two assistants acknowledged receipt of the document "but did not formally accept it" because it did not bear Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White's signature, Guerrero said. White refused to sign the certificate last week, joining the chorus of politicians who say Blagojevich is not fit to fill the vacant seat because of his Dec. 9 arrest on corruption charges. The governor and Burris are hoping the Illinois Supreme Court will force White to sign the document. (Sun-Times...) White, one of the few sane members of the Illinois Democrat Barnum & Bailey Party, should be commended for his brave nonpartisanship. I'd like to thank the Democrats for being so damned entertaining. Related: Reid cites 'legal authority' to bar Illinois pick... Don't miss a single post from Chicago News Bench. Subscribe to our free RSS feed or get Bench Email Alerts delivered instantly to your inbox.