Monday, December 1, 2008


The Bench Home UPDATED, DEVELOPING: People are finally able to leave - or come into - Bangkok international airport. But is it truly over??? Report from (4:12 AM, New York Time): The recent deal with the authorities has allowed 88 planes to be flown out of other Thai airports, in the hope of evacuating some of the blocked travellers. Full Story at ALSO SEE FOLLOWING UPDATE: UPDATE: ASSOCIATED PRESS (4:14 AM, New York Time) - In a switch of tactics, the People's Alliance for Democracy said demonstrators will end their more than three-month sit-in at the prime minister's office compound and join compatriots at the airports, which they seized last week in their push to oust the government. That action severed all civilian flights in and out of the capital. Airlines, meanwhile, were flying dozens of empty planes out of Bangkok's international airport. Full Story at AP...