Thursday, November 6, 2008

Knowing Drug Slang Makes Buying Dope Easier

Have you ever been approached by a skanky character on W. Morse Avenue in Rogers Park, and he says to you, "You straight?" If you wondered why that guy was asking about your sexual orientation, you are obviously out of touch and very uncool. The skanky man was asking if you wanted to buy drugs. If you were "straight," you were okay, all set, not in the market. Let's say you were in the market for some drugs, and you said to Mister Skank, "Why yes, my good man, I believe I could use some illegal intoxicants!" Mister Skank would look at you funny and wonder whether to roll you (take you wallet) or overcharge you for some bad shit (tainted drugs). Now, let's say Mr. Skank says to you: "Look, man, I gotta a-bomb, some ac/dc, a little aeon flux, maybe you wanna do a kabuki. Or I could fix you up to geeze, and you can do it all over at the abandominiums nice and safe like." Would you know what Mister Skank jus' say'd to ya? Nah? Here's what he actually say'd: "See here, sir/madam, I can offer you a nice marijuana cigarette laced with heroin or opium (a-bomb), or a sip of some fine codeine cough syrup (ac/dc). Perhaps you would prefer LSD (aeon flux). I can set you up on a crack pipe made from a plastic rum bottle and a rubber sparkplug cover (kabuki), or maybe you just want to inhale some cocaine (geeze). In any case, you can do it all over at the abandoned row houses (abandominiums) down the street where you won't be bothered by anybody." See how much easier it is when you speak Drugs? Don't look like a fool when you score your shit on Morse Avenue. Learn how to negotiate like a pro with any drug dealer by studying the Drug Slang Dictionary. It's information you can use!