Biden's Biggest LIES From The Last 2020 Debate (Updated with 2022 Lies!!!)

UPDATE, Oct. 7, 2022 - Here we are, two years after this post was originally posted and (surprise!) Joe Biden is still lying. He can't help himself, and never could. Biden is a serial habitual liar, always has been, still is, always will be. To demonstrate this (do you really need proof?), I'm adding a video posted to YouTube today by "Don't Walk, Run! Productions" that covers a bunch of recent Biden fibs.

The original post from Oct. 22, 2020:

Six of Joe Biden's biggest lies from the final presidential debate on Oct. 22, 2020:

1) Biden said Trump never condemned white supremacists. FALSE: Trump has condemned white supremacists, racism, and intolerance many times.

2) Biden insisted he never said he would ban fracking. FALSE: He did, numerous times.

3) Biden said he never called black people "super predators." MOSTLY FALSE: Although technically true, he DID call them "predators" repeatedly. He just didn't add the word "super," as Hillary Clinton infamously did.

4) Biden claimed he and his family never got money from China. FALSE.

5) Biden said he never called Trump "xenophobic" for COVID-related travel bans. FALSE.

11 of Joe Biden‘s Biggest Debate Lies - Breitbart News, 23 Oct 2020

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