October 22, 2020

Biden's Five Biggest LIES From The Last Debate 10/22/2020

A quick post here, just to highlight six of Joe Biden's biggest bald-faced lies
from the final presidential debate, which ended moments ago on Oct. 22, 2020.

1) Trump has not condemned white supremacists. FALSE: He has, in fact, numerous times.

2) Biden insists he never said he would ban fracking. FALSE: He did, numerous times.

3) Biden said he never called black people "super predators." MOSTLY FALSE: Although technically true, he DID call them "predators" repeatedly. He just didn't add the word "super," as Hillary Clinton infamously did.

4) Biden claimed he and his family never got money from China: FALSE

5) Biden said he never called Trump "xenophobic" for COVID-related travel bans. FALSE.

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