August 22, 2020

Chicago City Council Members Demand State of Emergency Declaration and Request National Guard

The city council cowards punted, voting to refer the resolution to the Committee on Public Safety. 

Chicago City Council held a special meeting on Friday, days after four alderman called for such a meeting to ask the governor to declare a state of emergency over recent violence and looting - a proposal the mayor previously said was "grandstanding" before apparently reversing course.
Four Chicago aldermen on Wednesday called for a special meeting of the City Council to consider a resolution asking Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker to declare a state of emergency and deploy the Illinois National Guard to the city over recent unrest.
Alds. Leslie Hairston, Anthony Beale, Raymond Lopez and Anthony Napolitano issued the call in a letter to Chicago City Clerk Anna Valencia. (from NBC5 Chicago)
Mayor Lori Lightfoot
Does Mayor Lightfoot even care about Chicago?
Mayor Lori Lightfoot accused the aldermen of "grandstanding." But after months of violence and destruction, is it really that? Or, more likely, is it a genuine attempt to get badly needed help?

"I implore each and every one of you. This is not personal. This is not grandstanding. This is a Hail Mary to save our community from the things that are happening every single day,” Alderman Beale said before the vote.

Mayor Lightfoot attacked the notion of bringing in National Guard troops. She recalled to the council the Kent State University shootings in May of 1970, where National Guard troops killed four students during a protest. But Lightfoot's analogy to Kent State is flawed: The Kent State students were not  looting, rioting, or committing aggravated assaults on people. Some windows were broken, but it was nothing like what Chicago has suffered for months now. 
"A group of Chicago City Council members requested that Democratic Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker immediately declare a state of emergency in Chicago and deploy the national guard in light of ongoing rioting and looting in the city." (from Daily Caller)
Lightfoot continues to refuse such action. Is this out of pure political stubbornness or some deep-seated hatred of her own city?

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