Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Syed R. Farook
Syed R. Farook (Facebook, via Daily Beast)
December 2, 2015 -- Developing -- Authorities responded to a shooting situation in San Bernardino, California today, where multiple people in the street were treated for wounds. The shooting occurred at a center that helps developmentally challenged people. Three suspects were being sought by police. The FBI is on scene to assist local law enforcement.  The LA Times reported that a bomb squad detonated an explosive device found at the scene.

Update, 8:00pm CT: Two of the three suspects have been killed by police after vehicle chase and gun battle. One of the dead suspects is a woman, whose identity is unknown. The other dead suspect is a man allegedly named Farooq Saeed [later clarified as Syed R. Farook]. The third suspect is in custody; NBC News reports that he is Syed's brother, being held at a hospital.

Although this is not yet being called a terrorist attack, "ISIS extremists began celebrating the mass shooting in San Bernardino hours after the massacre, creating the hashtag #America_Burning as police hunted for as many as three shooters, Vocativ discovered. The Islamic State, however, did not take credit for the shootings in the ghoulish postings." (This is purely my own speculation: It seems reasonable to assume that the shooters are ISIS sympathizers. In other words, this was likely an act of radical Islamic terror.)

Inland Regional Center (credit unknown)
Update, 4:00 pm CT: "Police Chief Jarrod Burguan tells reporters that at least 14 people were killed," USA Today now reports. The chief also noted that the number of dead could rise as a result of [another 17] people being injured in the shooting. (The exact toll of killed and injured remains uncertain.)

Law enforcement source tells CNN that they are looking for three suspects armed with AK-47 style rifles. "According to police radio traffic, one possible suspect has been [tentatively] identified as Farooq Saeed Syed Farook. This is an unconfirmed report and comes from police radio chatter in regards to the shooting," reports Controversial Times (blog). [Postscript: It's been confirmed. Farook was an employee of San Bernardino County.]
The shooting was reported in the 1300 block of S. Waterman Avenue (map), according to the San Bernardino Fire Department. Up to three people were suspected in the shooting, sheriff's officials said."  More from NBC4, including videoWitnesses say they saw gunmen drive away from the scene in a black SUV. Police believe the vehicle is a Yukon.

The shootings occured at the Inland Regional Center, "a state-run facility for individuals with developmental disabilities," reports NBC News. "The facility is run by the state, and offers specific programs designed for four different age groups: 0 to 3-years-old; 3 to 15; 16 to 22; 23 to 59; and adults over 60." San Bernardino is about 60 miles east of Los Angeles (see map).

KTLA reports that police are looking for as many as three suspects in a black Yukon SUV. "Still a very active scene," with multiple injuries. (See KTLA's live coverage, link below.)  Reuters reports "three people were killed and as many 20 were wounded." Reuters also says that "a reporter for the local NBC affiliate said he saw three bodies following the shooting rampage. The San Bernardino Police Department said on Twitter that it had "confirmed 1 to 3 possible suspects" and multiple victims in the shooting. The agency called it an "active shooter" incident.

Update, 2:27pm CT: Three men in "military style" ski masks on the run in a car, police in pursuit.

Update, 2:44pm CT: Live coverage from KTLA. "Still a very active situation."