Monday, August 17, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Emailgate Becomes Nixonesque

Nixon and Hillary by Tricky Dick, Icky Hill
Image Credit: Tricky Dick, Icky Hill
August 17, 2015 - The Hillary Clinton email poop gets deeper. 
Major news media are reporting today that at least 300 emails, sent through then-Sec. of State Clinton's personal server, could contain many more sensitive items than previously acknowledged.

"The State Department said in a court filing on Monday," reports the Wall Street Journal today, "that reviews from five intelligence agencies had so far identified 305 emails—or about 5% of the emails reviewed so far—for further review and consultation into whether they contain classified material. In all, the department is combing through about 30,000 emails turned over by Mrs. Clinton."

"Emailgate" is potentially far more damaging to national security than Nixon's Watergate scandal was. It has all the elements of a coverup and web of lies that Watergate had.

Unlike Watergate, however, which involved Nixon and some political operatives, Hillary's email scandal involves the U.S. Department of State as a possible accomplice or, at the very least, an idiot bystander who allowed the crime to happen in full view and in broad daylight.

Nixon probably would have been impeached had he not resigned in 1974. Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign seems to be suffering, in part, because of the distrust of her that the email scandal has created. Unlike Nixon, Hillary Clinton cannot resign and does not currently enjoy executive priviledge. Nixon was pardoned of any wrongdoing by his successor, President Gerald Ford.

Indeed, the New York Post today opined that Hillary is looking more and more Nixonian. In an op-ed today, it was noted that "Hillary Clinton’s being compared to President Richard Nixon by one of the two reporters famous for breaking the scandal that brought Nixon down. How much worse is the e-mail mess going to get?" That reporter is Bob Woodward of the Washington Post, who said this today: "You’ve got a massive amount of data. It, in a way, reminds me of the Nixon tapes: thousands of hours of secretly recorded conversations that Nixon thought were exclusively his."

Hillary Clinton
Would President Obama pardon his former Secretary of State if she's formally charged? Would she benefit by a double-standard being applied to her?

And yet, Mrs. Clinton jokes about the situation, belittling those who are rightfully concerned about the seriousness of the situation, and she continues to deflect blame. The FBI agents assigned to her case are probably not laughing though, speculates The Washington Times. "Joking about your transgressions while an FBI team is examining your life and times is not smart. The investigators assigned to her case are said to be the same agents who handled the investigation of Gen. David Petraeus. They got an indictment, forcing a plea bargain, and he broke far fewer laws, and less serious laws at that, than Hillary, both as the secretary of State and as a collector of family boodle since."

But then, Petraeus was hated by Democrats before they realized they needed him, before they realized they no longer needed him. Hillary, on the other hand, has been a darling of the Democrats for decades and is still needed by the party. That is, perhaps, the most serious indictment of anything or anybody that comes out of this tangled mess.

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