August 27, 2014

THE ENEMY WITHIN: US Citizen Dies Fighting For ISIS In Syria (Updated)

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Douglas McAuthur McCain
Douglas McArthur McCain
August 27, 2014 - Is Islamic State (ISIS) in America? At the very least, we know that there are U.S. citizens who are not only sympathetic to Islamist horde, but are traveling overseas to fight alongside them. CBS in San Francisco reported today that "A U.S. citizen from California was killed over the weekend in Syria while fighting for the extremist group Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, also known as ISIS or ISIL."

"NBC News reported the man is 33-year-old Douglas McAuthur McCain," said CBS yesterday, "who died in a battle between ISIS and another extremist group in Syria."

Facebook profile of Douglas McArthur McCain, aka Duale Mahoney
McCain was "Duale Mahoney" on Facebook
UPDATE: Another U.S. citizen has reportedly died while fighting for ISIS. On Wednesday, Aug. 27, CNN reports that "a coalition of Syrian opposition groups announced that its forces had killed another American in battle. The coalition, which calls itself the Nahrawan of Syria, did not name the fallen American." [These forces, between a rock and a hard place, are battling the extremists such as ISIS in addition to the Syrian military.] The coalition did not name the killed American and "details on the third American casualty" are sketchy at best.  CNN notes that prior to McCain's death last weekend, another American citizen, Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha, "a 22-year-old from Florida who joined al-Nusra Front, an al Qaeda-linked organization that the U.S. government has blacklisted as a foreign terror organization. The group showed a video of him, and U.S. officials later confirmed, taking part in a suicide bombing earlier this year in northern Syria."

Both NBC and CBS incorrectly reported that McCain called himself ‘Duale ThaslaveofAllah’ on Facebook.  McCain's profile was actually "Duale Mahoney;" the web address of his Facebook page is ""

He was "Duale Khalid" on Twitter, with the handle @iamthetooth. His bio reads "Its Islam over everything." McCain was seemingly fervent about radical Islam, a sickness shared by many of his friends on Facebook and Twitter. McCain shared this chilling tweet with followers on June 26:

"It takes a warrior to understand a warrior. Pray for ISIS."
— Ismael patel (@patel_ismael) June 26, 2014

McCain's Facebook page has been taken over by somebody else since his death. It's unknown who has control of the page now, which is still up. McCain's sister Delecia posted, "Who ever this is on my brother page needs to get off of it RIGHT NOW this is not a joke" on Tuesday afternoon, August 26.
Douglas MacArthur McCain "liked" this picture on Facebook on Sept. 14, 2010

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