August 25, 2014

Black Mob Served Up McDeath at Texas A&M McDonald's, Media Silent

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Denton Ward
Denton James Ward
source: MrConservative
August 25, 2014 - Denton James Ward, his girlfriend and two other friends were attacked while on a double date at a McDonald's restaurant near the Texas A&M University campus in College Station. It was the first year of university for the four young white people, who just wanted some burgers and fries a couple of hours past midnight on February 18, 2012.

"Shortly after 2 A.M. that Sunday," wrote David Paulin at American Thinker, "they pulled into the parking lot of so-called 'University McDonald's' and beheld a scene unlike anything portrayed in all those wholesome McDonald's television commercials."

"On that night, there were a reported 400 black men and women loitering in the parking lot, some," without food, some without even shirts. Thinking nothing of the situation, Ward, along with his friend, Tanner Giesen got out of the car and headed to the bathroom while the others in the car took a trip through the drive through," wrote Robert Rich at MrConservative. "Upon exiting the bathroom however, Giesen recalls that he heard one instigator say, 'You’re in the wrong neck of the woods, cowboys.' According to trial testimony, Giesen was hit in the face by a random member of the mob where Ward stepped in to break up the incident." 

Knocked down and savagely beaten, stomped on and losing blood through his pulverized face, his friends were able to get him into their car and speed off toward a hospital. In a tragic twist of fate, they were hit by a truck, killing Ward's girlfriend Lauren Bailey Crisp.

It's a gruesome story of race-driven murder, yet it's been ignored by the mainstream media and politicians. "As outrage continues to rage on regarding the death of Mike Brown at the hands of a white officer out of self defense, race hustlers are intentionally ignoring a truly racist murder.

"There’s no doubt that this was a blatant act of racism," Rich wrote, "yet race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson remain silent on the home front – at least pertaining to this. As the two only ever speak out if it financially benefits themselves, a black-on-white racist murder does not suit their agenda."

The Mike Brown case is yet to go to court, and there are conflicting eyewitness accounts. Even so, the mob in the streets of Ferguson, along with liberals and similarly weak-minded people around the nation, immediately assumed that the white cop shot and killed Brown just because he was black. Politicians and self-appointed "black leaders" attended the protests over the past week. Some of them attended Brown's funeral today and pretended to care. It's been a media circus, a feeding frenzy. But none of them wants to touch the murder of Denton Ward, who was killed and now ignore just because he is white. The few small publications - like this one - that reported the story and the resulting lawsuit tended to completely omit the race of both the attackers and of the victims.

The deliberate ignorance of the Ward case by the media and liberal politicians is even more absurd when you consider that it led to a $27 million verdict on July 30, 2014 against McDonald’s after a Texas jury found that poor security at the "University McDonald's contributed to the deaths of Ward and Crisp. Seems that the McDonald's store had no security guards or cameras, despite the fact that local police were often called there late at night for trouble. The lead trial counsel for the families of Crisp and Ward said, "The night these two kids died, this was a dangerous location, and McDonald’s knew it. Yet they did nothing to prevent their senseless deaths."

IF that had been a white mob at the McDonald's, and if Ward, Crisp and their friend had been black, you can bet that the media would have made a big deal out of it. That's not how it was, though, and so the same media, the same politicians, the same "black leaders" who've been talking about nothing other than Mike Brown for weeks have been silent about incidents of whites being killed by blacks.

Only one of the Ward's assailants was arrested but sentenced to a mere 90 days in jail for assaulting Ward's friend. Had Ward been black and the assailants white, that would have caused more riots, looting and sympathetic speeches from "black leaders."

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