Sunday, February 16, 2014

Young Female Murder Suspect Claims 'At Least 22 Victims'

Miranda Barbour mugshot
Miranda Barbour, Monster
Police mugshot
February 16, 2014 - She was influenced by a satanic cult in Alaska, and her acts were truly hellish. She started killing at the tender age of 13 and just kept going. Now 19 years old, Miranda Barbour says she has killed at least 22 people.

"A Pennsylvania newlywed accused of meeting a man on Craigslist and then stabbing him to death with her husband's help," reports the New York Daily News, "said she killed more than 20 more people as part of her involvement in a bloodthirsty satanic cult."

"When I hit 22, I stopped counting," Barbour told the Sunbury, Pa., Daily Item newspaper in a chilling jailhouse interview Friday. "I can pinpoint on a map where you can find them," she boasted . "I remember everything. It is like watching a movie."

Elytte Barbour, December 2013 AP photo
Elytte Barbour, December 2013
AP photo via Daily Mail
Barbour and her husband Elytte, 22, both face the death penalty for fatally stabbing 42-year old married man Troy LaFerrara on Nov. 11. "Miranda lured the lonely 42-year-old with a Craigslist ad offering 'companionship'," says NY Daily News, "and the two met in the parking lot of a shopping mall before driving to a spot in Sunbury, authorities said." Miranda Barbour was 18 when she and Elytte were arrested for the murder of LaFerrara in December, 2013.

"Miranda Barbour...told police that Troy LaFerrara....was still alive - 'choking and gasping for air' - after she stabbed him 20 times," reported the Daily Mail last December. "Initially, Miranda told police that she killed La Ferrara in self-defense after he started to grope her. But her 22-year-old husband Elytte Barbour gave police a different story, saying they conspired to kill a stranger together, and he helped hold La Ferrara down while his wife wielded the knife."

"Police allege in court papers that Elytte Barbour told investigators they committed the crime because they wanted to kill someone together," according to an AP report. "Miranda Barbour said in [an] interview that she doesn't want to get out of jail and that she would kill again if she were released. She said she had no remorse and only killed 'bad people'."

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