Dad, Hunter, Patriot Needs Your Help In Cancer Battle

Sheridan Folger...
The fight of his life
February 4, 2014 - Friend Sheridan Folger is fighting for his life -- literally. He's battling Stage IV Colon Cancer -- which took my own mother in 1993. Please help a good man in urgent need to defray some of the costs for him and his beautiful family during this dark time in their lives? (And not to get political, but Obamacare just won't cut it.)

Read Folger's story, which is powerfully written, at his fundraising page at Rally.orgEven if you cannot donate, you can still help: "Like" his Rally page and share it on your social networks and via email. Share this blog post with everyone you know. Thank you in advance for helping a patriot in his hour of need. Here is an excerpt from his Rally page:

Sheridan Folger, hunter
I was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer on November 4th 2013 after 16 months of misdiagnosis. On November 14th I was rushed in for a left hemi and transverse colectomy.

I am not positive about my prognosis. I am not positive about my disease. I am not positive about my chances. I am not positive about my treatment. I am not positive about my doctor(s). I am positive that I . . .we . . . need help. Asking for it is the most difficult thing I've ever done. 

Doctors are trained to be vague yet within the realm of realism. Vague but “accurate”. A few days of life is a few weeks, a few weeks is a few months etc. etc. 

Sheridan and his beautiful family
They tell you to ignore statistics, the very statistics they scrape, crawl and base their entire damned lives upon. They tell you not to study your disease, not to “Google” it, to ignore what you read. Then they spend half the next year logging away their precious statistics.

I was misdiagnosed for 16 months. I was told I had everything under the sun but cancer, and treated as such. When the news came it came quick. I lost 52lbs in just under 3 months. 

They found a huge cancerous blockage in my colon and I was rushed in for a Transverse colectomy later that week, removing most of my colon. There was nothing positive about it. 

All donations made to this Rally will help my Wife Samantha, my lil' girls Sheighlyn & MaKayla, my Son Dylan and the rest of my family. Of course you will also be helping me. The expense of cancer is astounding even with insurance.  Continue Reading....

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