Saturday, December 21, 2013

FOUND! Another Video of Ethan Krupp, AKA "Pajama Boy"

Krupp center stage
December 21, 2013 - Ethan Krupp, better and forever known as Obamacare's "Pajama Boy," has removed every trace he could of himself from the Internet.  But we found a video of him (below) leading an improv group at The Second City in Chicago.

This performance was in front of a live audience was called "Kimmie's School for the Gifted." It was staged on June 13th, 2013 and coached by Kimmie Companik-Warner, who played Pajama Boy's mother in the unintentionally creepy video promo for Obamacare.

Watch thespian Ethan Krupp do his schtick. I'll leave it to you to judge his performance, which starts at 49:20. Krupp is center stage, white shirt.