Thursday, August 22, 2013

Marketing Yourself When Homeless

For My BMW Fund
Yours truly in Houston, TX
Photo by Kate Good
August 22, 2013 - Many thanks to the magnificent Kate Good for her heart-warming blog post about me two days ago. I encountered Kate while panhandling in Houston, Texas on a sunny Tuesday morning.

Note: Kate was not panhandling. I was, with my sign that reads "For My BMW Fund." To anyone with a healthy sense of humor and appreciation of irony, the sign is a lighthearted way of asking for money. A dismaying number of people don't get it, but Kate did. And that's why she stopped to talk with me on a busy Houston freeway offramp.

The brief time we had to chat, just a few seconds as she waited for the traffic signal to change, was uplifting. Kate is a nationally recognized speaker, she has a smile that could light up the dark side of the Moon, and enough enthusiasm to power an army.

Titled "The Unexpected Email I Received From A Panhanlder Today," Kate shared some observations about panhandlers and the value of marketing oneself. Read all about it at Homeless Patriot...