Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Video Shows Possible Cause of 747 Crash at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan (Taliban Takes Credit)

May 1, 2013 - On April 29, a cargo-laden 747-400F airliner stalled moments after takeoff and plummeted to the ground, crashing in a huge fireball. The tragic accident happened at Bagram Airfield, north of Kabul in Afghanistan. The plane was carrying military cargo from Afghanistan to Dubai. It is still not certain what caused the crash of Flight NCR102, but this animation video (below) presents one theory: Badly loaded cargo that shifted because it was not secured properly. That, in theory, threw the center of gravity off toward the tail, causing the plane to lose momentum in mid-air and then to stall. The plane, owned by National Air Cargo, had a crew of seven. All of them died in the crash. (Videos below.)


National Air Cargo's website says that the company "will release additional information as it becomes available, in cooperation with government authorities." National also said that the "focus at this time is on the family members of those we've lost, and on assisting the NTSB and Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority in their investigations. As of now, the cause of the accident is unknown."

Photo: Ton Jochems.  Source: World Airline News
The crew members of the doomed National Air Cargo flight NCR 102 were Brad Hasler, Pilot in Command, Trenton MI; Jeremy Lipka, Pilot in Command, Brooklyn MI; Jamie Brokaw, First Officer, Monroe MI; Rinku Summan, First Officer, Canton MI; Michael Sheets, Loadmaster, Ypsilanti MI; Timothy Garrett, Maintenance, Louisville KY; Gary Stockdale, Maintenance, Romulus MI.

"The Taliban reportedly took responsibility for downing the airplane, but it is believed to be a false claim. Other speculation centered on weather, but the video of the accident seems to show relatively benign conditions along the airplane's flight path," reports quotes National Transportation Safety Boardy spokeswoman Kelly Nantel as saying that NTSB “is sending a team of investigators to Afghanistan later today to investigate yesterday’s crash of a Boeing 747 cargo airplane.”