May 20, 2013

Spectacular Videos of Midwest Tornadoes, May 19, 2013

National Weather Service Current Weather Warnings
May 19, 2013 at 11:37 PM CDT
May 19, 2013 - Season's Greetings, Spring style. Tornadoes and severe weather are marching across the nation's mid-section tonight, killing at least one person and damaging uncounted homes and buildings. Scroll down to see a bunch of some amazing videos of today's tornadoes.

"At least four separate twisters touched down in central Oklahoma late Sunday afternoon," reports Fox News late tonight, "including one near the town of Shawnee, 35 miles southeast of Oklahoma City, that laid waste to much of a mobile home park. Oklahoma state Rep. Justin Wood confirmed to Fox News Sunday that at least one person had been killed in the town."
The extent of the rough weather is seen on a map at  Accuweather (top right). It shows active warnings for tornadoes and severe storms in Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa and Illinois. "At least one person has been killed and 21 injured in Oklahoma," reports Fox News. "The tornadoes, high winds and hail across the Midwest were part of a massive, northeastward-moving storm system that stretched from Texas to Minnesota."

Below: "Massive tornado hits Kansas" -- A bystander has filmed a huge black tornado in Kansas,
in the state of Oklahoma, on a day when storms ripped across the United States' mid-south.


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