Thursday, January 3, 2013

Video: Joe Biden Gropes Women At Swearing In Ceremony

Jan. 3, 2013 - In a stunning abuse of power and alcohol, Joe Biden put his mitts on women of all ages just before the U.S. Senate swearing-in ceremonies today.

Biden was laying hands on women as they posed for photos in the Senate chambers in the U.S. Capitol Building. Biden made off-color jokes and remarks that might get anybody else fired if they were overheard saying them at a company function. The phrase "hostile work environment" comes to mind when watching these videos.

In the first video, a woman in a blue dress politely hugs Biden and then tries to pull away. Nope. At 10 seconds into the video, Biden has a lock grip on the lady's rib cage. He pulls her back against himself with some force, then almost cops a feel with his left hand. While Biden's behavior was weird, I cannot honestly say that he was trying to feel up anybody. But it sure looks bad.

In the second video here, Biden made a weird joke about frisking. "Spread your legs," he said at 0:06 in this video, "you're going to be frisked."

To be fair, Biden was looking straight at the photographer when he said that. The official photographer told the group to "drop your hands" to their sides, and Biden made a bad attempt to turn that into a joke about being frisked.

"Spread your legs your gonna be frisked," said Biden. "Drop your hands," he said, mocking the photographer. Then "You say that to somebody in North Dakota and they think it's a frisk. 'Drop your hands to the side,' and you think you're in trouble, right? They tell you to drop your hands to the side."

Sure, the joke was stupid and made no sense. Biden is apparently so dumb that he doesn't know that cops never tell people to drop their hands to their side, but tell them to raise their hands over their heads. However, it was obvious that he was not making a sexual remark, as some of my less intelligent, tinfoil hat-wearing blogger colleagues are wrongly suggesting.

Do you like gladiator movies, officer?
"These are the types of casualties that are the result of the Joe Biden Experience," wrote Jordan Sargent at Gawker. "Imagine working with this guy every single day. Would you love it or want to jump off of a building? Are those mutually exclusive?"

Imagine Joe Biden as an employee at your company. How long would it be before you were put out business by women - and even a few men - who sued because he made them feel threatened and sexually abused?

Biden, as Jordan Sargent might say, was just being Biden. He's crude, unsophisticated dork.  Was he trying to cop a feel in the Senate chambers? Nah. Did tell a woman to spread her legs? Nah, he was making a bad joke about being detained by peace officers. Is this typical Joe Biden behavior unbecoming of a Vice President of the United States, and is it embarrassing to the nation? Yah, it really is.

Was Biden just trying to be Mister Fun with some harmlessly exaggerated friendliness? Probably. But what makes Biden so damned creepy is that he's non-stop, like the class clown that doesn't know how or when to shut up.

Remember his supremely creepy smiling and laughing during his debate with Paul Ryan? Yah, same thing going on there. Biden just can't dial it down when he should, and once he dials it up the knob seems to  get stuck on stupid.