Monday, January 21, 2013

Bias Against Homeschooling Shows In Media Coverage of New Mexico Shooter Nehmiah Griego

Jan. 21, 2013 - The predominantly liberal Mainstream Media is using the recent murders family membes by Nehemiah Griego as a way to attack homeschooling. New York Daily News's absurd headline today is "New Mexico homeschooled teen Nehemiah Griego accused of murdering family constantly wore camo: neighbors." 15-year old Griego fatally shot his parents and three siblings on Saturday, Jan. 19 in their home near Albuquerque.

Wow, sounds like those wacky homeschoolers are a bunch of dangerous nutjobs! Is the fact that Griego was homeschooled a legitimate part of this tragic story? Sure it is, in the same way that it's legitimate to report certain other personal information about him. But the way the NY Daily News headline portrays it, homeschooling was a major factor in the shooting. The NY Daily News headline is a deliberately misleading bit of anti-homeschooling propaganda from the Left, which prefers government-run public schools to allowing kids to be educated at home - outside of the ideological grip of the government.

Where were the headlines that screamed about killer Adam Lanza attending the public Sandy Hook Elementary? Lanza, the nutbag who killed 27 people plus himself at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut late last year, also attended Newtown High School and then Western Connecticut State University, two other public education institutions. We've never seen a headline that said, "Connecticut public-schooled teen Adam Lanza goes on murderous shooting spree."

Perhaps the most interesting headline to come out of the Newtown tragedy is one at the Register Citizen of Lichtfield County, CT which said, "Newtown tragedy boosts interest in home schooling." The report noted that a resident of Newtown said that "on the day of the Newtown shootings, home schooling message boards she visited were filled with parents expressing sorrow for the families of victims, but also thankful they didn’t have to send their own children off to a school building."

Think about how frightening that must be to public school administrators and to the teachers union bosses. It threatens their livelihood. It threatens their political and ideological control over children and their parents. It threatens the State. Big Brother is not comfortable with homeschooling. Not at all.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that homeschooling does not cause young people to become mass murderers. I'll also venture to say that the vast majority of murderers (and other criminals) were not homeschooled. They attended public schools.

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