Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Alex Jones Beclowns Himself On Piers Morgan Tonight: Full Interview

Alex Jones on Piers Morgan Tonight, Jan. 7, 2013
Alex Jones on Piers Morgan Tonight, Jan. 7, 2013
Nuttier than squirrel crap
Jan. 8, 2013 - Man, this is hot stuff. Alex Jones was on Piers Morgan Tonight yesterday, and sparks flew. Here is the full video of that encounter, below, which was taped in CNN's studios in New York.

It was one of the best drubbings that Morgan has experienced since rock legend and gun rights advocate Ted Nugent kicked his arse back in May, 2011.

There was a table between Morgan and Nugent, but on Monday there was no barrier between Jones and Morgan. They sat inches away from each other, and for much of the encounter Morgan actually looked frightened, as though he feared that Jones would physically attack him at any moment.

Unfortunately, Jones came of (as usual) as a complete nutter. He's one of those guys who, no matter what he says, it tends to sound crazy. His verbal style is, well, crazy. But the fact is that Jones is a dishonest fear-mongering opportunistic egoist, with a delusional paranoid personality that is either real or very well feigned. VIDEO BELOW.

The sparks came almost entirely from Jones, the fiery and possibly insane right wing talk show host and conspiracy theory monger. Jones happens to be the guy who started the "Deport Piers Morgan" petition to the White House, by the way. Morgan, a foppish left winger and disgraced former newspaper editor self-exiled from the U.K., was not able to stiffen his spine enough to truly stand up to Jones's gravel-voiced ranting. It was political theater, two clowns going at each other, each the unwitting straight man to the other's unwitting funny man. More below the video...

Fans of Morgan will say he won. Fans of Jones will disagree. I am a fan of neither. Morgan is a liberal panderer who cannot think outside the constraints of Left Think. Jones is clown who panders to the paranoid, uneducated tinfoil hat-wearing folks on the Right. In my opinion, both lost in the great arena of public opinion. Morgan, as he so often manages, comes off as lame. Jones comes off as a loud mouthed bully boy. Those who watched the encounter without a strong bias toward either man probably came away with the opinion that both Jones and Morgan were ineffective in presenting their arguments.

After the show's taping, Alex Jones went back to his hotel room and, as BuzzFeed notes, "made some videos for his YouTube channel accusing Mayor Michael Bloomberg of 'stalking' him and sending crackheads after him." And THAT kind of behavior is why I, a conservative, simply cannot like Alex Jones. Perhaps he's crazy. Perhaps he considers his followers to be crazy. Or both.

“If something happens to us, or we’re killed by crackheads, it was the NYPD or mafia [Bloomberg] hired,” Jones said in one of his hotel room videos. BuzzFeed also noted that "Jones made a separate video in the hotel bathroom, titled 'We Are in NYC: Pray For Us'," in which he said that NY Mayor Bloomberg was "stalking us outside."

Alex Jones does a show as the Joker:
No, this is NOT Photoshopped.
I'm sure that some people hang onto every word uttered by Alex Jones, actually believing his nonsense. No rational person would believe that Bloomberg, or people working for him, are interesting in stalking Jones. For years now, he's been telling his low-IQ audience faithful that there is a death contract on his head by the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the U.S. Government, rogue elements within the U.S. Government, and others. Either he's making that up or those Evil Doers are completely inept in tracking him down and making it look like he fell down a flight of stairs.

As a conservative, I am embarrassed by Alex Jones. I believe that he is not representative of the majority of us on the Right. Conservative idol Glenn Beck's own "The Blaze" website noted Jones's craziness in a post about Jones's weird behavior after the Piers Morgan interview. And here's the thing: Piers Morgan and his producers knows that, which is why they brought nutter Jones on as a golden opportunity to let him make a spectacle of himself and, in theory anyway, discredit the pro-Second Amendment people and conservatives in general.

Glenn Beck understands this and said this on his radio broadcast today: "Piers Morgan is trying to have gun control. He is trying to make everybody who has guns and who believes in the Second Amendment to be a deterrent to an out of control government look like a madman. So now he immediately books the madman and makes him look like a conservative. He’s not a conservative."

But I'll tell you this much: If Alex Jones does have a fatal, accidental fall down a stairwell, tens of thousands of morons will insist that the Tri-Lateral Commission and its allies in the push for a New World Order had something to do with it. Some might even insist that Piers Morgan was involved, which would actually be more believable given his public humiliation by Jones on Monday.