Updated: Union Thug Who Attacked Steven Crowder Was Looking For a Fight, Stalked Him In Crowd

Union Thug Tony Cummings Attacking Steven Crowder
Dec. 11, 2012 - VIDEOS BELOW - Violent union members in Lansing, Michigan attacked Right-To-Work advocates on the grounds of Michigan's state capitol today after the state legislature passed a right-to-work bill(Videos below.) 

A large mob of union members and sympathizers were in a violent frenzy as they surrounded a large tent set up and occupied by Americans For Prosperity (AFP), along with conservative humorist and pundit Steven Crowder. Leftist louts forced their way into the tent, dismantling it and threatening those inside.

Union Thug Tony Cummings Attacking Steven Crowder
With no regard for AFP's free speech rights or personal safety, the union gangsters shouted obscenities and, ultimately, physically attacked. Some milled around in a zombie-like daze, passively watching their union brethren violate the civil rights of fellow Americans. Not satisfied with simply bringing the tent down, union thugs destroyed the tent by cutting it to shreds with what appeared to be large box cutters.

The first video below is "AFP MI Tent comes down at Right To Work Rally," and it shows the zombie-like crowd of union thugs attacking the tent, spewing obscenities and just itching for a fight. Some lunge at the AFP members, while others attack the tent.

The second video, "Steven Crowder's attacker VERBALLY attacks him a hour earlier," shows Crowder being verbally assaulted by union punk Tony Cummings, without provocation, who physically attacked Crowder about an hour later (see the third video below). It is obvious from watching the second video that Cummings was looking for a fight. It was so obvious, in fact, that a union-appointed security "marshall" (in an orange vest) intervened and told Cummings to back off. That just seemed to further upset Cummings. At 3:03 in the video, Cummings lowered  his IBEW sign so that it would interfere with a photo opportunity of some guy posing with a smiling Crowder. When Crowder turned to ask Cummings to stop doing that, Cummings grinned weirdly and said, "Don't f-ck with me."

The third video below, "Unions Assault On Camera," clearly shows the assault on Crowder by a union goon that we think is named Tony Cummings. At least, that's what his jacket said. Also on his jacket was an IBEW union patch. Gateway Pundit wrote that Local 876 is located in Grand Rapids, MI but Chicago News Bench took a moment to look it up and found that the 1,480-member IBEW Local 876 is actually located in Edmore, MI, about an hour from Grand Rapids [see map].

"The protesters shouted 'scab' and 'Walmart tent' as they advanced," Lee Stranahan wrote at "The tent had been used by AFP to house members who were reportedly threatened at last week’s demonstration," he added.

“This is what democracy looks like,” they chanted as they destroyed the tent.

Union thugs and the progressives who support them think "democracy" is the act of violent suppression of  the opposition and destroying their property, even going so far as to physically assault people.

You can see Crowder being punched in the second video. "Crowder," reports, "peacefully confronted union protesters today in Lansing, Michigan when the mob turned violent. Crowder was punched multiple times and, at one point, when his back was turned to the crowd as he was leaving a confrontation, he was pulled by the collar of his coat back into the mob to be assaulted again." That can also be seen in the video. "Union appointed 'Marshals' (not actual law enforcement) would break up the assaults but never asked the union members to leave the protest for their behavior."

It is not known where the "real" law enforcement was taking their union-mandated coffee break, but none are visible in these videos. Crowder's assailant, Tony Cummings, was apparently not apprehended and remains at large. It was truly a sad day for America, as Obama-supported violent thugs had a violent hissy fit because, suddenly, their fellow Michiganders can no longer be forced to join a union in order to have a job.

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