Wednesday, December 26, 2012

RIP, Gerry Anderson, Creator of Thunderbirds, UFO and Space 1999

Dec. 26, 2012 - Gerry Anderson, creator of 1960s sci-fi hit TV show "Thunderbirds" died at the age of 83 today. Thunderbirds became a cult classic, as did his other creations "UFO" and "Space: 1999." The death of Anderson, a British citizen, was announced by his son Jamie in a blog post today:

"I’m very sad to announce the death of my father, Thunderbirds creator, Gerry Anderson. He died peacefully in his sleep at midday today (26th December 2012), having suffered with mixed dementia for the past few years. He was 83. Please make donations in his memory to the Alzheimer’s Society via"

Anderson was a driving force behind many other sci-fi television shows, too. "Supercar," "Fireball XL5," "Stingray," and "The Protectors" are just a few. See his full filmology at IMDb and read more about Gerry Anderson at UFO Pundit....