Thursday, December 20, 2012

Principals and Teachers Who Carry Guns at School (ABC Report)

Dec. 20, 2012 - A recent report by ABC News examines the issue of arming teachers and principals in public schools. This is a very hot debate in the U.S. after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, where Adam Lanza shot and killed 27 students and school staff. Some of the students interviewed in the ABC report support this idea, saying that they feel safer knowing their teachers are armed. Others don't, of course.

ABC noted that about 28,300 schools across the U.S. have armed security staff.

The obvious question to anti-gun people, then, is this:

If armed staff in a school is such a bad idea, then why have we not heard of any unfortunate incidents in those 28,300 schools?  ABC cited the National Center for Education Statistics as the source for those numbers.

I can't help but wonder why some fear the idea of armed teachers more than they fear an armed lunatic attacking them while they are defenseless. Would those folks put a "Gun Free Zone" sign in their own front yard? Why do they think it's safer to be unprotected when a shooter enters their school, and then have to endure more killings while they wait for the police to show up -- with their guns?

The ABC report quoted Dara Sacher, a suburban Chicago teacher, as saying that training teachers "to be sharpshootersand expecting them to be in the right place at the right time is unrealistic." The teacher must live in Fantasyland. Does she expect the police - who she would call if a madman began shooting up her school - to be "in the right place at the right time?" If, God forbid, you're a teacher in a school that is under attack, then you are in the right place at the right time to quickly use your firearm to protect other people. "I wouldn't feel comfortable carrying a gun," Sacher says, "I think it would be better to just keep guns out of schools," she rolls her eyes, "rather than armed teachers."  This idiot is a teacher? Really? 

Dara Sacher's imbecilic "thinking" is pitifully childlike. Of course it would be best to "just keep guns out of schools," but the murderous lunatics out there haven't gotten that memo. Sacher and anti-gun fools live in an imaginary world where criminals obey gun laws and respect "gun free zone" signs. It is this infantile thinking, this denial of reality, that allows nutjobs like Adam Lanza to walk through school halls killing unchallenged. They like gun-free zone. They love unarmed teachers.