Thursday, December 6, 2012

John McAfee Arrested in Guatemala, Asylum Denied, Has Heart Attack

UPDATE, 12-12-2012:  
Guatemala Deports John McAfee to U.S.; Heads for Miami FL

John McAfee at a detention center in Guatemala City, Thursday, Dec. 6, 2012.
(AP Photo/Guatemala's Human Rights Ombudsman's office) (AP2012)
Dec. 6, 2012 - Once-fugitive computer guru John McAfee, 67, was arrested by Interpol in Guatemala last night. He was hospitalized today for a possible heart attack. Watch the arrest of McAfee in the video below.

McAfee's request for asylum has been denied and he will be extradicted to Belize, where he is wanted in connection with the death of fellow expat American Gregory Viant Faull, who was found shot to death early last month on a Belize island where they lived. Faull moved to Belize from Florida, and "was found dead in his beachfront house on an island in Belize shortly after McAfee's dogs were poisoned. Faull had led a neighborhood petition drive against the dogs, describing them as a dangerous nuisance," reports UPI. "McAfee moved to Belize in 2008, 14 years after he sold his interest in McAfee Associates, the computer security firm he founded in 1987."

According to a report by Fox News Latino, McAfee "was arrested at a hotel in an upscale neighborhood with the help of Interpol agents, hours after he said he would seek asylum in the Central American country."

The arrest ends one of the most oddball manhunts in recent memory. McAfee is the creator of McAfee antivirus software. Ironically, it was computer software that led to his arrest. McAfee admits to entering Guatemala illegally.


"Vice Magazine accidentally revealed the secret hiding place of fugitive computer virus pioneer John McAfee," reports Gawker.

"We learned this on Monday when Vice posted a photo of McAfee posing with editor-in-chief Rocco Castoro and forgot to scrub the GPS coordinates, revealing his precise location." See that photo at Vice.

The irony is rich: Computer software genius foiled by genius computer software. The stupidity is too: You'd would think that somebody like McAfee, who should be up on the latest geek trends and developments, would have been hip to the realities of digital photography and of GPS technology. Maybe he was just got too cocky. He'd better learn some humility before he's handed over to the Belize authorities.