Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ashley Judd's First Speech Proves She's Too Dumb to be a Senator

Dec. 5, 2012 - Actress Ashley Judd is "considering" a run for the U.S. Senate in 2014 to represent her home state of Kentucky. If she goes for it, and wins the Democrat primary there, she would end up running against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Ronald Reagan was "just an actor," said his critics on the Left. Ashley Judd is "just an actor," by the standards that the Democrats used against Reagan in 1980. Unlike Reagan, who was the president of the Screen Actors Guild and went on to serve as California's governor, Judd is nothing more than a wannabe community organizer (slash) feminist (slash) nude model. 

A speech that Ashley Judd gave in 2004, shows that she has a dumbness quotient on a par with that of Sean Penn, another dope who has a talent for acting but no understanding of the realities of life outside of a studio sound stage but likes to think - and wants others to think - that he's a political genius and history expert.

Long after Reagan proved himself to be one of our best presidents, lefties dismissed him as a "stupid actor." Being a dumb actor is no longer a disqualifying resume entry for the Left, apparently. Former comedian Al Franken, for example, is a truly dumb actor who got himself elected to the U.S. Senate, representing the truly dumb state of Minnesota. But let's concentrate on Ms. Judd.

I said that Ashley Judd is dumb. That's a strong statement, so here's a little backup.

In a speech she gave to the Tennessee Women’s Democratic Caucus in 2004, she opened with a tender little story about her dear mother. The speech really must be read, because it gives as much insight into Ashley Judd's naivety and lack of smarts better than just about anything out there. It began with this weirdness:

"My mother is an accomplished public speaker, it is how she now earns her living, and I have often heard her talk about how she weaves humor into presentations. She comes out and starts with a joke, then proceeds to make fun of herself and folks in the audience throughout, thereby disarming the crowds’ expectations of some lofty teaching and really getting their attention off her boobs. She has found that’s how she really gets through to people."

Boobs? Did her mother share Ashley Judd's habit of baring her breasts to millions of strangers? Why did her mother feel that she had to get the crowds' attention diverted away from "her boobs?" When Ashley Judd speaks in public, does she have the same obsession with her own chest? What would people of a male speaker who confessed that he makes fun of himself and the audience in order to get their attention off his crotch?

The rest of the speech was awful, disjointed and with badly made points. The thrust of the speech was ... well, it jumped all over the place, actually. Something about women in Kentucky being disabled, delivered after a very bad joke involving Jesus Christ, then a swerve into extending the amount of time allowed for us to vote.

"The poll day favors those who already vote and want things not to change: older, rich, white people," she said. "And in terms of honest and fair elections, why don’t we ask a task force from South Africa to come supervise this November’s elections?! Let’s see what the Sub Saharans have to say about 'dangling chads!'"

A task force from South Africa supervising our elections? This woman is considering a run for the U.S. Senate? The poll day favors "older, rich, white people?" Really? Did she never hear of early voting or absentee voting? Was "sub-Saharans" meant as a specific reference to the people of the nation of South Africa, which is one of many sub-Saharan nations on that continent?

Was the use of the words "chad" and "Sahara" in the same sentence just dumb irony? Or was that an accidentally good pun on the name of one of the large nations in the Sahara, which happens to be called Chad?

There's a reference to "our sponsor Planned Parenthood." More bashing of white women as stupid. Judd ends the speech with this mysterious passage: "So, greater social good comes down to one thing at time…One simple vote, one normal year it school. Such small things become iconic and change the course of history. It can be done. And it must be." I cannot decipher its meaning. Can you?

About one third of the way into the speech, Judd said, "I have never made a speech before. By now, that should be fairly clear to you all." Oh, it was clear alright, and I encourage you to read the whole speech. What is not clear, however, is how an accomplished actress would not consider acting - reciting lines - to be a form of giving a speech. It's odd that someone who makes their living by delivering rehearsed and memorized lines could blow a speech so badly.

It's also mysterious that a person as dumb as Ashley Judd is looked upon by so many as being smart enough to run for the U.S. Senate. Then again, I suppose, look at the idiots already there.