Monday, November 5, 2012

OBOM-SHELL: In 1995 David Axelrod Wanted To Cut Funding For Big Bird, Blamed NRA For Oklahoma City Bombing

Nov. 5, 2012 - David Axelrod, senior adviser for the Obama campaign, said that he would cut federal funding to PBS, home of Big Bird. Axelrod also said that it is a president who is mainly responsible for overspending.

These and other outrageous (and hypocritical) statements were made on live radio in 1995 on Beyond The Beltway, a political talk show hosted by Bruce DuMont. The video (audio only), was posted on YouTube today by Pajamasmedia. The second video here is Axelrod recently explaining why the Obama campaign used Big Bird politically.

Axelrod's bizarre blaming of the Oklahoma City bombing on the NRA speaks for itself. The Big Bird statement, however, is even more astounding because it is Axelrod who was the main engineer behind Obama's searing attacks last month on Romney for saying that he would stop subsidies to PBS. Yet there was Axelrod in 1995, saying the same thing.

With apologies to PJ Media, here is the full description posted with the video:

David Axelrod
David Axelrod: Ideological Mercenary
"Just this morning, PJ Media received the audio from a 1995 David Axelrod appearance on Beyond the Beltway, a Chicago-based talk show hosted by Bruce DuMont. 

"Axelrod's appearances are listed here in the show's archives. I requested all of the tapes, and received them a short time ago. Here are the relevant clips: 

"From 5/21/1995, regarding the 1995 Oklahoma City terrorist bombing which murdered 168 people — the worst act of terror on American soil prior to September 11, 2001. Axelrod blames "rhetoric" from the NRA for contributing to the bombing and the barricading of Pennsylvania Avenue. Also from the 5/21/1995 appearance — Axelrod blames Republican presidents for running up the deficit, claiming that the president is primarily responsible for overspending. Also, he claims that the Democratic Congress — Democrats were in control of the House for 40 years prior to 1995 — tried to stop the Republican overspending. Also from the 5/21/1995 appearance — Axelrod thinks it is a good idea to cut federal funding of PBS. Last month, Axelrod led a campaign against Mitt Romney's assertion that this funding should be cut."


Beyond The Beltway with Bruce DuMont