Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Drama Obama, Cry-Baby Commander In Chief and Emotional Freak

Barack Oboohoo
Nov. 6, 2012 - Video - Barack Obama, the Commander In Chief of the United States, could not control his own emotions at a campaign rally last night (video below). 

Obama broke down and cried. Tears streamed from his left eye. Obama became all weepy as he spoke to supporters in Des Moines, Iowa on Monday night.

Some wonder if the tears were real. My own take is that they were, but that they also indicate that this man is not Commander In Chief material. While the tears were real, they were for all the wrong reasons.

It's not as though he was a funeral, where crying would be acceptable, even expected. But this is the President of the United States, with a friendly crowd in Iowa, begging for their votes so he can ...

Perhaps, in a way, this was a kind of funeral. Perhaps Obama knows that he has much less of chance to win in 2012 than he did four years ago. Of course, of course. He was weeping for himself and the death of his socialist plans.

Gene's Blog gives about half a dozen  amusing reasons why Obama might have been weeping.

"Get out the Kleenex," writes Twitchy.com today. "The man formerly known as “No Drama Obama” pulled out all the stops – and unleashed some tear drops — in Iowa tonight. We didn’t see them fall when our murdered diplomatic staff came home from Benghazi in coffins. We didn’t see them during Obama’s tour of areas devastated by Hurricane Sandy. And we didn’t see them over the last four years of dismal jobs report releases. But with his pride and the election hanging in the balance, the formerly diffident president has turned on the spigot."

Now that they mention it, we also did not see any Obama Tears when he dropped everything to fly to Aurora, CO to - to do something - after the horrible theater shooting.

We've never seen Obama shed a tear for any of the nearly 2,000 murdered people in Chicago, his hometown, over the past four years.  But he cried last night. He chose to cry last night. At a campaign rally. What a wimp. What a narcissist. What an emotional freak. With luck, today's election give him more reason to cry.

Mitt Romney held a big rally in Des Moines, too, on Sunday night. He did not cry.