Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chinese Sex Scandal: Dim Sum a la Carte

Nov. 27, 2012 - You think American politicians are kinky? Feh! They're Boy Scouts compared to many politicians around the world. Take, for example, this guy: Lei Zhengfu, a Chinese official who as recently exposed in a sex scandal that involved blackmail attempts against him.

A steamy sex tape is part of the plot, and it's gone insanely viral over the past few days.

Lei Zhengfu sex scandal
The girl, the sucker, the video (asiaone.com)
Lei Zhengfu gained international infamy, reports The Epoch Times, "after a sex video in which he was involved surfaced online," and that video "has shed light on the usually secret machinations of minor Party officials and shady developers, and shows how corrupt cadres are punished when the political winds shift."

The report also notes that "Lei Zhengfu, former Party secretary of the Beibei District of Chongqing.... was by all accounts a bit player in Chinese politics. He was sacked on Nov. 23 after a sexually explicit video with him in it emerged online."

To make all of this more interesting (and complicated), Lei Zhengf is connected by scandal to disgraced Chinese official Bo Xilai. Bo was a major player. A member of the Chinese parliament, he was involved in scandals that include homicide, bribery and much more. Bo lost immunity from prosecution when he was expelled from parliament on October 26 (video, left).

The whole thing started before Lei became the secretary of Beibei District, when he was the Party chief in Dianjiang County, also in Chonqging. "He saw to it that all construction projects in the county were overseen and approved by his brother, Lei Zhengkui. Some builders didn’t like this, among them the boss of the young woman who was offered to Lei," reports The Epoch Times. "This boss, one of the largest local builders, in 2006 trained up a number of good-looking young women to sexually bribe officials, while also secretly videotaping the episodes. He figured that after the bribe, the videos could be used for blackmail."