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October 6, 2012

Homicidal Occupier Says "Kill Billionaires"

Too many of those loons on the Left are like this guy, who said, "I tell you right now. I am for killing billionaires."

And you thought Occupiers were just a bunch of drug-addled rapists? You were wrong. Some of them openly advocate mass murder, too. They would have no problem with killing people just to further their sick agenda. That's class warfare: Literally.

Why stop with billionaires? Why not millionaires, too? Why not everyone earning over $250,000 a year? This is frightening. The video here was made on September 17, 2012 in Zuccotti Park, New York City, which has been ground zero for the Occupy movement for just over a year. (Continues below the video.) The murderous leftists in the top video here are so stupid that they believe that no billionaires create jobs. Really? Apparently they've never heard of people such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and even George Soros, all of whom create jobs.

Not all Leftists advocate murder, of course, but this guy and too many of his fellow travelers do.

Their attitude is indicative of the sickness of Leftism,
the ideology that brought us 60 million deaths in communist Russia and yes, the ideology that enthusiastically endorsed Hitler's genocidal plans in the 1930s. 

Yes, that's correct:
Socialists, especially the Fabians, loved Hitler and his program of killing undesirables. (The Fabian Socialists were big on eugenics - just as Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was). George Bernard Shaw, still adored by liberals today, was openly supportive of Hitler's genocidal plans. (Watch him say so in this video if you don't believe me.)

Run-of-the-mill socialists and liberals today tolerate it too: From their support of millions of abortions every year to wearing t-shirts with the image of crazed murdering communist Che Guevara to Sean Penn and Danny Glover kissing Venezuela's totalitarian socialist Hugo Chavez, they look the other way or even embrace brutality and killing if it supports the Leftist agenda. It might be genocide, but in the Leftist mind it's "well-intentioned genocide." Hollywood loves tyrants if they are leftist tyrants, as you'll see in the video here.

And that's what we see in these morons in Zuccotti Park, advocating the murder of all billionaires. It's a  sick willingness to snuff out people who are perceived as useless. Just as George Bernard Shaw admired Hitler for his program to rid society of "the useless," the Occupier in the top video here wants to kill rich people because, in his mind, they are a burden on society.

Of course, the blood thirsty Occupier in the video up top has probably never taken a moment to consider this: If every billionaire on Earth suddenly lost their entire fortunes, it would not benefit him in any way. If, say, Bill Gates made another billion dollars next week it would not cause the Occupier to suddenly have any less than he does now.

Perhaps the murderous Occupier never heard of John W. Marriott, Jr., worth about $1.3 billion. He is the Chairman and CEO of Marriott International, the hotel chaing, which employs some 300,000 people. Maybe the homicidal Occupier is unaware of Jack C. Taylor, self made-billionaire worth about $6.5 billion. He's the genius behind Enterprise Rent-A-Car, North America's largest rental car service, which employs around 68,000 people. (More about them, and other billionaires, at FranchiseHelp.)

There are other employers who are billionaires, of course, and many are hiring tens of thousands of folks via the companies that they own or operate. If the Occupiers with politicide bloodlust had their way, those billionaires would be killed - just because they are billionaires.
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