Tuesday, September 25, 2012

WLS Morning Man Don Wade To Have Brain Surgery

Don Wade and Roma (wlsam.com)
UPDATE, OCT. 2: Don Wade is recovering at home after successful brain surgery. More...

Sept. 25, 2012 - We are praying for the speedy recovery of WLS's Don Wade, the male half of the extremely popular Don Wade & Roma Show in Chicago, to pull through his health nightmare. After suffering a seizure on Sept. 13, Don will have surgery to remove a tumor from his brain. The surgery is scheduled for this Thursday. Don Wade is 71 years old.

TrueNewsUSA noted yesterday that "Don Wade, the popular conservative Republican leaning host of the morning show on WLS AM 890, will be off the air for at least a month, to receive treatment for a growth on his brain, the station announced on its website."  Don and wife Roma have been hosting the show for more than 20 years on WLS 890 AM.

Here is an excerpt from a statement released yesterday by WLS Radio:

"Don Wade had a seizure while traveling last week. After a series of tests, doctors discovered a growth on his brain. He is having surgery this week to remove the growth. Recovery from the surgery will keep Don off the air for at least four weeks. Don and Roma remain positive and optimistic..."

Send well-wishes to Don and Roma by email to getwelldon@gmail.com or by U.S. Post to:

Get Well Don!
North State Street, 9th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60601

While Don Wade is out on medical leave, the show will be hosted by self be-clowned Bruce Wolf and his anal retentive, pompous sidekick, "Cicero" Dan Proft. Why WLS allows its airwaves to be tainted by the likes of an oily weasel like Proft, who "allegedly" bullies women, is a mystery. Apparently, the management at WLS has no problem with those issues, or with the possible ethics problems of one of their talk show hosts "raising campaign funds for a second statewide political bid for governor while he is promoting himself on Chicago radio."