Wednesday, September 26, 2012

500 Election Judges Needed NOW in Cook County IL (But Last-Minute Alarm May Be Too Late)

Sharon Meroni - Photo credit: unknown*
Sept. 26, 2012 - Sharon Meroni urgently needs your help to fight voter fraud in Illinois, but to be honest I fear that the effort to help her is too little and far too late. "This could actually end up being the biggest story of the 2012 elections," wrote HillBuzz on Monday, "but it’s hard to get conservative writers to focus on anything in Illinois, since the past incompetence of the GOP in our state has made it something of a laughingstock nationally."

I received a group email to bloggers urging us all to write about this and to encourage other bloggers to write about it. The email was simply a link to a post at HillBuzz. Trouble is, the email was not sent until yesterday evening (on Sept. 25), and they are asking for 500 election judges "by this coming Thursday." Alrighty then...

Meroni still needs 500 Republican election judges in Cook County - BY TOMORROW (Thursday, Sept. 27), HillBuzz wrote, and noted that if she doesn't get them,  "then Democrats will get to fill those positions…just like they have in previous elections. Democrats use those slots as patronage pay-offs and also enjoy having complete control of polling places…which is how the dead are allowed to vote in many cases or how, mysteriously, people who didn’t actually show up to vote end up voting anyway if Democrats need them to in tight elections. Without a Republican judge in a polling place to prevent this from happening, fraud is institutionalized in Cook County elections."

Here is what Sharon needs (from HillBuzz):
  • 500 people who live in Cook County who voted Republican in the past (which means they are registered as Republicans in Illinois, because party registration is determined by which ballot you pull in the primaries)
  • Get the word out that these 500 people need to go to to apply to be election  judges in Cook County
  • Election judging requires being on site at a polling place for the entirety of November 6th, 2012.  This might mean taking a sick day to do this…but you will be compensated $170/day for doing this.
  • People who have questions about whether they would qualify need to call:  312-242-1818
Meroni, for a bit of background, is the woman who mounted a serious legal challenge to Barack Obama's eligibility to run for President in the State of Illinois. She is also the Director of Defend The Vote. "In April of 2012," wrote DefendTheVote, "Sharon Meroni returned from her second trip traveling and speaking as part of the Tea Party Express. Determined to learn how it is there could be any question about the eligibility of Mr. Obama to serve as President of the United States of America,  Ms. Meroni began an intensive study of Illinois election law."  Her amazing finding was that nobody running for any office in Illinois is required to prove U.S. citizenship."While the investigation began in relation to Mr. Obama," noted DefendTheVote, "it's focus expanded to include all candidates applying for position on the ballot in Illinois."

Look, while I think that effort of HillBuzz and others to help Sharon Meroni is admirable, I have to point out (again) that this is too little and too late. It's ironic, as well, that HillBuzz said that "it’s hard to get conservative writers to focus on anything in Illinois, since the past incompetence of the GOP in our state has made it something of a laughingstock nationally."  

Well, sure, but there's also the incompetence of the public relations efforts of otherwise highly competent people such as Sharon Meroni. Seriously now: Her own blog at says, "My blog will update readers on critical information about Defend the Vote and about election security issues." REALLY? Then WHY is there NOTHING about the urgent need for 500 election judges? I'm not sure why she was not sounding the alarm for 500 election judges weeks ago - nor, for that matter, why that group email was sent so damned late.

To only add to the confusion, Jerome Corsi wrote yesterday that "400" Republicans are needed as election judges. Huh? I thought it was 500. See, folks? It's not just the Illinois Republican Party that's disorganized: It's also the conservative blogosphere. But to go full circle, we can't be aware of everything. The politicians and the activists need to be bit smarter in their media relations efforts.

* Photo of Sharon Meroni found at World Net Daily. There was no attribution given.