Monday, September 17, 2012

Rahm Emanuel Lost His Luster

Sept. 17, 2012 - OF COURSE Chicago's mayor is now hated and despised by hundreds of thousands of Chicagoans. The blush, as some might say, is indeed off the rose. The mask is off, and so on. Rahm Emanuel is now officially and undeniably a union buster (God bless him).

There is a myriad of blog posts and other articles out there, and has been for over a week now, that are slamming Emanuel rather hard for this "Walker-like" anti-union position in the ongoing Chicago Teachers Union strike. Emanuel is being portrayed now as a traitor to the pro-union, pro-worker Liberal Cause.

Emanuel is now seen as a sell-out to the corporate interests. Progressives all over the nation are calling Emanuel a Judas and saying he is the Democrats' Scott Walker. Luster? Yah, luster lost. The rose is no longer blushing.

Here is a sampling of those blog posts and news articles, which prove beyond doubt that Rahm Emanuel's reputation as a Hope and Change Progressive Liberal is forever tarnished:

Interesting Polling in Chicago: Rahm Emanuel in MAJOR Damage Control Mode - HillBuzz
Excerpt: Rahm is polling to see what he should do, because this is how Rahm was taught by Bill Clinton to make decisions…based on the polls.

Rahm: The Democrats' Scott Walker - NBC Chicago
Excerpt: "He’s posing himself as a democratic version of Scott Walker. He doesn’t want to stop collective bargaining, but he certainly wants to limit it," political consultant Don Rose said Thursday.

Mayor Rahm-ney's attack on the Chicago teachers union -
Excerpt: The conflict presents a difficult moment for Obama, who will need union support to prevail in his race with Mitt Romney, but who is inextricably linked, politically, to his brash, expletive-spewing former aide, Mayor Rahm-ney Emanuel.

Rahm Emanuel's Privatize Chicago Plan - The Peoples Voice
Excerpt: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel spent years waging war on progressive politics. He's a corporate predator turned politician.

Rahm Emanuel Channels Scott Walker - WRKO Boston
Excerpt: Imagine if a big city mayor - ie, a Democrat - became the new Scott Walker...

Hypocrisy: Emanuel Blasts Scott Walker in 2011 On WI Strike, Now Calls His Own IL Strike "Ilegal" - Shepherds Piehole
Excerpt: What hypocrisy? Move along...nothing to see here.

Rahm Emanuel is Pulling a Scott Walker in Chicago - Say It Ain't So Already
Excerpt: Rahm Emanuel, President Obama’s pal and the major of Chicago, is apparently doing everything he can to destroy the Democratic brand.  Maybe he should make it official and switch parties.

Chicago Teachers Union Humiliates Rahm Emanuel - Illinois Observer
Excerpt: Essentially, the CTU gave Emanuel the finger. Unsurprisingly, the Chicago Teachers Union decision drew a far different statement from Emanuel on Monday morning. The warm-and-fuzzy Rahm faded. Rambo was back.

There are many more examples of Rahm Emanuel's lost luster, of course, and there will be many more added to the online conversation over the coming days, weeks and months. You simply cannot read this stuff, or use common political sense, without realizing that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is no longer a Liberal Golden Boy.