Thursday, September 6, 2012

Exclusive Sneak Peek: DNC's Commemorative "Jumah 2012" T-Shirts?

Jumah at the DNC t-shirt
Jumah at the DNC t-shirt: Tentative design
Sept. 6, 2012 - The Democratic National Convention (DNC) is considering a special t-shirt just for the 20,000 Muslims who journeyed to Charlotte, NC to do their part to work Sharia law into U.S. culture.

A source in the DNC emailed  Chicago News Bench and said that the shirt would serve two purposes if it is produced. The final design  has not been agreed upon. "We're still kicking it around," said the source, who insisted that we not use her name.

"The woman-hating, gay-hating, freedom-bashing, America-hating folks who traveled all the way to North Carolina were disappointed by their own lame turnout at two scheduled Muslim prayer sessions," said the source.

The prayer sessions, called "Muslim Jumahs," were scheduled for last Friday and Saturday. Turnout was pitifully small however, with a small fraction of the estimated 20,000 Muslims in town attending.

"Perhaps this shirt could serve as a fun souvenir and might help them with their self-esteem, even it they did not go to the prayer sessions," said the DNC source. "I mean, the turnout to their own events was laughably tiny, and it is probably embarrassing to them," said the source. "The second purpose that the shirts might serve, of course, is to raise money for the re-election of President Barack Hussein Obama."

Turnout for both Jumah prayer events was amusingly low, reported the Charlotte Observer. The Jumah organizers were hoping for "about 1,000 at Saturday’s Town Hall Issues and Cultural Fun Fest," but "As of 2 p.m., less than 50 people were at the Park Expo and Conference Center, with more at Saturday night’s entertainment event." In addition, Jumah organizers were hoping for "several thousand" to attend Friday’s Jumah prayer in Marshall Park, but only "an estimated 300 people attended."

The shirt would probably feature a stylized version of the Obama logo. "I like the proposed design," our DNC source wrote to us. "It's a beautiful Islamization of the Obama swirly thingy logo." If the shirts are approved for sale, the Democratic National Committee will make them available at mosques and head shots all over the nation.