Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chicago Teachers Union Infighting May Prolong Strike - CTU President Accused of Selling Out

September 16, 2012 - There are reports of discord and dissent within the ranks of the Chicago Teachers Union. Even as their delegates meet at this hour (3:00 p.m. CDT) to look over the latest version of a proposed deal with the Chicago Public Schools (CPS), we are hearing that a number of those delegates are suspicious of CTU President Karen Lewis. This endangers the possibility of 350,000 children returning to school on Monday, Sept. 17.

"While CTU President Karen Lewis and her team are ready to present the details to the House of Delegates this afternoon," reports NBC5 Chicago today, "there is already a vocal faction promising to vote no, said the source. The source added that late into Saturday night, Lewis’ caucus shouted obscenities at her and the other leaders. 'You sold out' and 'Rahm’s getting everything they wanted, what the hell did we get?' The source quoted caucus members saying to her."

There is suspicion, indeed, that the "framework" agreed to by CTU and CPS is tainted. Author Stephen Lendman wrote at today that it doesn't smell right. "It's in the air. You can smell and taste it. It's not pleasant. Union bosses and city officials struck a deal." Lendman makes no bones about his feeling that Lewis sold out the union and the teachers it represents for an expedient deal.