Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blog Launches Citywide Taxi-Top Ad Campaign in Chicago

CNB's new taxi-top "blogvertising" in Chicago
Sept. 18, 2012 - Some taxi cabs in Chicago will be sporting an ad for a political blog. Beginning this week, about 300 taxis in the city will feature an ad from Chicago News Bench (CNB), a conservative blog of news and commentary.

CNBs latest "blogvertising" campaign is an unusual way for a blog to promote itself. Many just scrawl their blog's web address (URL) on public restroom walls with a Sharpie marker, post irrelevant and unwelcome comments on other websites with a link back to their own site, or send pitifully desperate emails to the publishers of  larger blogs and websites. Still other bloggers will print up a few hundred cheap stickers and slap them on light poles, boarded up storefronts, and bus stop shelters.

"There are many ways to promote a blog, but most bloggers think small," says Erma Gerd. She is CNB's Advertising Director, and the taxi-top campaign was her idea. "Advertising on taxis is never even considered by most of them but I don't know why not. It seems like a pretty obvious thing to do, don't you think?"

CNB's taxi-top ad campaign is scheduled through mid-January, 2013. If the campaign is successful, CNB will has plans for billboards throughout northern Illinois. Ms. Gerd says that CNB is also producing a one-minute television ad to air during the next Super Bowl.