Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bust a Move With Mitt Romney, Dancer Extraordinaire

Betcha didn't know that Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney is quite a hoofer.  Yep. Here are some videos to 'prove' it. Mitt dances across the stage (above) as you've never seen him dance before in this an animated .gif, actually, and funny as hell.

There is also a video of Romney dancing (below). There isn't any information about the sexy dance Mitt does, but he struts his stuff and wows the crowd with pelvic thrusts that might have made Elvis Presley blush. Or have back pain the next day.

And then there's Mitt dancing a little jig to the music of a busker on Grafton St., Dublin, Ireland. His dance styles are wide and varied, just like his political philosophy/ies.

The final video here does not feature Mitt, but it is about having those "moves like Romney." Dancin' like the Mittster, baby, is where it's at.

Sorry, no dancing horse videos.