Monday, August 6, 2012

Rahm Emanuel, Puppet Master of the Solyndra Mess?

Rahm Emanuel: Puppet master
August 6, 2012 - "Scandal: The sunlight continues to expose the machinations behind the White House's support of failed solar panel manufacturer Solyndra with our tax dollars, including the false claim by former White House chief of staff." So began a highly provocative article in Investor's Business Daily last weekend.

According to IBD, "a batch of White House emails released in a report on Solyndra by the House Energy and Commerce Committee" last Thursday, a White House aide wrote to Jacob Levine of the Office of Energy and Climate Change on Aug. 19, 2009.

What the aide wrote is damning: "Feels like Rahm wants this too (barring any concerns) — POTUS (President Of The United States) Involvement (in pushing Solyndra) was Rahm's idea."  Rahm Emanuel: Puppet master.

Let's see if Emanuel, currently Chicago's mayor, keeps lying about his key role in the Solyndra mess. It just became a lot more difficult for him to do that.  Full Story at