Monday, August 20, 2012

Preview: Is This Guy Chicago's Most Fascist Alderman?

Fear no art, Liberals: Click image to enlarge
We think he his, but there are a lot of progressive fascists on Chicgao's City Council. 

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Chicago Alderman Proco "Joe" Moreno is the petty dictator who says he will deny a Chick-fil-A franchise to open in his 1st Ward ... because the company's CEO had the nerve to exercise his First Amendment rights by saying that he personally opposes gay marriage.

Later this week, Chicago News Bench will look at Moreno's own admission that he is willing to violate both the Illinois Constitution and the U.S. Constitution.

Of course, we'll have some more graphics like this one just to piss him - and a few other progressive fascists - off. Saul Alinksy would approve.

To the Liberals who object to the image of Moreno-as-Nazi I say, "fear no art" and consider this brilliant observation...

"Parody, irony, and humor are some of the most powerful weapons against established authority, especially the despotic kind. It is why Socrates was sentenced to death; it is why Voltaire’s criticism of the French absolutist monarchy was so disruptive that he was exiled from Paris; it is why Ecuadorean president Rafael Correa, who hypocritically just granted asylum to Julian Assange, sued a journalist and newspaper for $42 million for a column that made fun of him as a tyrant; it is why Hugo Chavez in Venezuela extended the contempt laws to make it a crime to disrespect him, leading to investigations of cartoonists; it is why Manal Al- Sharif fears for her life in Saudi Arabia for driving a car and challenging the ban on female drivers; it is why Ai Weiwei is hit with trumped up tax-evasion charges after mocking China’s dictatorship, and why Aung San Suu Kyi was held under house arrest by the Burmese military junta until just recently.  The despotic mind is utterly undone and downright defenseless in the face of creative dissent."  ~ Thor Halvorssen,, August 17, 2012