Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is Harry Reid a Sicko? We Have The Right To Know!

U.S. Senator Harry Reid, alleged pedophile
This is huge: A U.S. Senator and a hot scandal involving the molestation of innocent children. Is Sen. Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada, a pedophile monster? We don't know, we're asking. The American People demand answers, and we all have the right to ask - don't we? It seems a reasonable question to pose to the man who put so much effort into a bill that would be accurately but not officially known as "The Pedophile Protection Act."

I was first alerted to this potential bombshell by the  wicked graphic, shown here, on Facebook. It's one of those items that makes the rounds on the Internet with no attribution, but I did a search and found a post over at with the title "Harry Reid is a pedophile." It begins with this:

"I got that from a reliable source who made me promise not to reveal his name.  But he knows.  Honest. Now I’m sure some would expect me to back up this claim with some of those 'fact' thingys or maybe a link or two.  Well, given that I’ve promise anonymity for my source, not happening.  Just Google 'Harry Reid pedophile' there are 1.79 million hits."

That's not quite accurate, by the way. For the sake of journalistic accuracy, I did a Google search of "Harry Reid pedophile," with and without quotation marks. The results:  Five results with quotation marks, and "about 9,840,000 results" without them. But what's a discrepency of more than 8 million Google search hits when we're talking about the alleged pedophile Harry Reid?

The discerning reader will quickly realize that the piece is clever satire, designed to show the hypocrisy and calculated lying by Democrats to discredit Mitt Romney. Reid recently told the media that “somebody” at the Bain Capital told him that Romney has not released his tax returns because he didn’t pay any taxes for ten years. That's all Reid would offer. Hearsay: A rumor he heard, quite possibly while he was being pleasured in a gay bath house for all we know.

It's an old trick, of course: Make wild accusations against your enemies and insist that you cannot name your sources. No matter how absurd the accusation, it ends up sticking in the minds of some who hear. The damage is done. Like a wildly aimed shotgun blast, most of the shot pellets miss their mark but a few reach the target. The damage is done. Goal achieved. That's what Harry Reid and his fellow Democrats do all too frequently. Slam and scram, that's how they work. It's a tactic that's Alinsky recommended.

So we join in asking whether the despicable defender of pedophiles is a pedophile himself. As they say, the burden of proof is on him now. If a few pellets of this shot hit some dimwitted targets who cannot discern satire from reality, so be it.