Video: Occupy Scum Hold "F-ck The 4th" Day, Burn U.S. Flag

Occupy Oakland flag burners, 4 July 2012
Occupy Oakland flag burning scum, 4 July 2012
July 7, 2012 - There's nothing like a good old flag burning and vandalizing rampage to celebrate U.S. Independence Day. That is, if you're a hate filled liberal piece of crap like the rats of Occupy Oakland.

This video below shows a group of anti-American vermin who burned at least one U.S. flag, yell "f*ck da PO-lees" a bunch of times and set fire to at least one garbage bin. I'm not sure what symbolism the burning of a garbage bin holds, but to these mental midgets it was apparently a huge victory over, well over garbage I suppose. That's ironic, because they are human garbage, two-legged sewer chunks, ill-educated morons who think they're Marxists, and the natural useful idiots of the Left.

According to the, over 60 Occupy Oakland protesters "marched through downtown Wednesday night, spray-painting anti-police slogans on police headquarters and other buildings, vandalizing a police car and setting at least one garbage bin on fire..." MercuryNews reported that the Occupy vermin also "spray-painted a patrol car parked near Seventh and Washington streets, punctured one of its tires and broke a window."

Viewer Advisory: Foul Language, Lousy Music.
Thanks to the Republican Party Animals (RPA) for calling attention to this very special July 4th Liberal Hatefest.

The original video (left) was posted to a pro-Occupy page on YouTube ("pfailblog") on July 5th. RPA posted a partial copy to their YouTube page the next day and wrote a brief commentary about the event and the video at their website.


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