Monday, June 11, 2012

"With Explosives on Our Chests We Pave the Way to Paradise”

"Bosnian Salafist Preacher Bilal Bosnić Sings Songs of Jihad: With Explosives on Our Chests We Pave the Way to Paradise.”

This guy is a real gem.  Bosnić tells his audience that he is "performing da'wa." Also called "dawa" or "da'wah," it has various murky definitions. (More on that below.)

One such definition: "Dawa means to invite non-Muslims to accept the truth of Islam. Performing Dawa involves both our words and actions."

That definition comes from DawaNet in, of all places, downstate Illinois. (That's where they have a UPS box at 2303 Randall Road, #231 in Carpentersville.) DawaNet's website instructs young Muslims in the fine art of recruiting non-Muslims to their side.  But note that da'wa can be effectively used as a smiley-faced weapon in the arsenal of jihad.

"Schools are therefore fertile grounds," says DawaNet, "where the seeds of Islam can be sowed inside the hearts of non-Muslim students. Muslim students should take ample advantage of this opportunity and present to their schoolmates the beautiful beliefs of Islam." DawaNet urges young Muslims to be prepared to explain explain topics such as "news reports about violence by Muslims" and "polygamy by Muslims" through knowledge "gained from their study circle, by reading articles in Islamic magazines, watching videos, attending lectures, and through experiences of other students."

Well, here are two videos they can study and explain. Explain that, DawaNet, and the thousands of other videos that portray similar calls for violence, destruction and genocide against non-Muslims. Explain the thousand of news stories and videos of Muslims burying their sisters, mothers, aunts and grandmothers up to their shoulders and stoning them to death. Please, DawaNet, explain it to us.

Contrast that definition to Bosnić, who sings about destroying America. "America had better know that I am performing da'wa," Bosnić sings. "God willing, it will be destroyed to its foundations." Contrast it, also, to the video here of thousands of Egyptian Muslims cheering calls to invade Israel and make Jerusalem their capitol.


Ultimately, it comes down to the sword to convince
those whom da'wa does not win over
"Da’wah is one of those concepts," wrote Daniel Tutt, "that is so broad that it’s meaning is highly subjective for most Muslims." Tutt, a Christian, gave his definition of dawa as a guest writer on the AltMuslim blog.

"It’s not a part of the five pillars, and is defined, practiced and understood in any infinite number of ways," wrote Tutt. "Even though da’wah is most commonly translated as making an invitation to Islam, most Muslims that I know see da’wah simply as the example that a Muslim should set in public, at the workplace, and in the larger society. Da’wah is, in short, being the best Muslim that you can be for others. It is well established that Muslims do not see any compulsion in religion, and most Muslims do not see or enact da’wah as proselytizing at all times."

Oh really? When people such as Bosnian Salafist Preacher Bilal Bosnić sing that "America had better know that I am performing da'wa," and in the same breath calls for America's destruction, what are we infidels to think? Is Bosnić being "the best Muslim" that he can be for others? When DawaNet urges young Muslims to sow the "seeds of Islam" in "the hearts of non-Muslim students," is that not proselytizing?

In his guest column, Daniel Tutt lamented that "Many Muslims in America today face a sense of inadequacy from the larger culture, a phenomenon that goes along with the struggle of being an 'out-group' in America."

Here's a suggestion for those Muslims: Leave the United States. Go to the Middle East, where you will not be an "out-group" and where you can openly call for the destruction of the United States as you practice da'wa with a few thousand like-minded folks in a filthy, undemocratic public plaza.

As for Daniel Tutt, I can only suggest that he pull his head out of his rear end and watch this last video here for another definition of da'wa. In that video (related story here) we learn from a British salafi Muslim that da'wa is not meant "only to address a few people on the streets and call them to Islam," no sir. It should also be a tool that "attacks their system, and we replace it with Islam....We need to call the whole of society to Islam." In other words, take over. America, you had better wake up and see that guys like that are performing da'wa. Ultimately, when the smiley face of da'wa fails, it will come down to the sword.